Warabe-uta Remix!

We are pleased to announce the 6 selected works for our “Warabe-uta (Japanese traditional songs) Remix!” project.

Nanbu Lullaby by Simon Hutchinson

Mt. Semba Fantasy by Yuriko Keino

Nomadic Flight At Dusk by Jerome Kurtenbach

Lettre à l'oisif (d'après 会津磐梯山 Aizu Bandaisan) by Niels Mestre

Sankaku Dude! (Yagi-bushi) by Ginka Mizuki

Hanna Ichi Monme by Beste Özçelebi

Our review committee consists of 6 members who were each provided with 33(!) entries (anonymized to keep the evaluation process fair and unbiased), and they have decided to take only 6 pieces at this time.

It was very difficult process to determine which pieces to select, because all of them are very interesting and varied.

We will contact all of the composers indivisually within a week.Thank you so much for your submissions!

Call for scores NY LICORICE ENSEMBLE “Warabe-uta (Japanese traditional songs) Remix!”

NY Licorice Ensemble is looking for new works for the 3rd CD “Warabe-uta Remix”.

The chosen piece(s) will be recorded and performed by the ensemble in July 2015, in Japan.

  • Winning composers will be given opportunities to pursue publishing options.
  • Recording of finalists available to all contestants.
  • Works will also be considered for further performance opportunities in Japan and US.


  • 3 to 10 minutes in length
  • Using one of the Japanese Warabe-uta melody as a motive.


  • 6 to 8 clarinets, include up to 2 Eb clarinets and 3 bass clarinets (low C).
  • No alto (can be played by basset horn or bass clarinet) and contra clarinet. No tape music.


  • a brief bio (in English or Japanese)
  • a PDF of score and parts (may be separate files or may be one file)
  • program notes (in English or Japanese)
  • a link to an audio file recording of the piece; it may be on Soundcloud, Dropbox, etc. (good midi or piano renditions are ok - just as long as we can tell what's what.)

by 11:59pm (EST) on Friday, March 20th, 2015



  • There is NO LIMIT to the number of pieces a composer can submit.
  • Chosen works remain under the copyright of their composers and do not transfer in any way to the ensemble.
  • Although we would really love to have the composer of the chosen work attend the concert, no travel stipend can be offered at this time.
  • There is no prize money associated with the Call for Scores at this time.
  • NY Licorice Ensemble reserves the right to not choose a piece if none are deemed suitable or we cannot accommodate them in the time given. We also can accept up to 60 minutes of music for the CD so send your stuff!!
  • The decision will be published by the end of April 2015 on www.licoriceensemble.com.
  • To determine our level of performance you can visit this dropbox folder and listen to some sound samples.
  • Click here to view the downloadable resources (PDF files of the Warabe-uta melodies & words)